heavy trigger warnings for rape.

all right, I’ve calmed down enough to post this, and hell fuckin’ no I ain’t blurrin’ out names. 

hi my name is rachael, and this is why feminism is still needed. I have nothing else to say.

yooooo if you wanna know what the fuck i was so mad about, read the following and spread it please!!

this is physically painful to read oh my fucking god

I’m going to puke.

Rachael, I am so, so, so sorry that this happened to you.

The amount of times that I’ve had almost this exact argument when talking to people about why rape jokes are not acceptable is ridiculous, and it’s really upsetting and eerie to see that it happens to others.

I can’t even fucking believe this. Rachael I’m really proud of you for standing your ground and fuck I’m so sorry this happened. That this EVER happens. RAPE JOKES ARE. NOT. FUNNY. I don’t understand why that’s so hard for people to fucking understand…just. And yeah I wouldn’t have blurred out their names either because shit, if they’re gonna be assholes on the internet they best be ready for others to see it. They don’t even deserve to have their names blurred.

As far as I’m concerned this kind of ignorance gets whatever hate they have comin toward them

Interesting how in Romanian Zoaie means Filthy Leftovers. Fitting.

claps for ignorant people’s stupidity.

How hard is it to understand that rape jokes can and never will be funny? Who the hell even thinks this???? If this were to happen to me I wouldn’t have blurred their names :T

Wow their level of ignorance is astounding. Props to you for not losing your cool and making immature comments, unlike those other assholes.

Rachel you are an amazing person for standing up for women’s rights! Rape jokes are not funny and neither are trolls. I can’t wait for the day when those people are looked down on with the same shame as racists.