The ending of let’s play with Yogscast at Insomia52, Saturday 23rd
Kim, Hannah, Sips, Turps, Sjin, Trott, Smiffy and Ross :D


And the man Sips, I can’t believe it, literally so happy. #sips #yogscast #hatfilms #i52 #insomnia #happy #piercings


So gamescom was pretty fucking awesome. I was a helper for blithe-boa,  mikikoponczeck, and many more who don’t have a tumblr account as far as I know. I saw the Yogs play Hearthstone two times and then met them on Saturday and convinced them to come by Boa’s booth. They really loved Boa’s drawings and even had her sign them! Also there might be great things coming Boa’s way that I am excited to see. I met plenty of awesome people and had tons of fun, this was probably the highlight of my summer and I’d love to meet these people again nest year or sooner. Thanks for everyone that came by and was just generally nice to me. You guys are the best <3

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i had to fiddle w the sizing on this so i REALLY hope it isn’t choppy„,

ahh madkazer's cute lil pup looked like she'd be a space dog and would drink tea so

I love this so much!! thank you!!!


These bright little orange and black feather rockets have been visiting me this spring, and I have seen more of them than ever before! They are Baltimore Orioles, and the splashes of orange against the budding woods have been very inspirational to me. I have learned about a new technique and was eager to try it, but was having trouble affording the supplies… so, a very special thanks goes out to my Patreon supporters ( ) as they helped fund my materials for this and some future paintings! I appreciate it and am donating this painting to the local Arts Council so that they can raffle it for operating funds.

I have a lot to learn and practice on with this technique, this is my first attempt.

Acrylic on board, 8” x 10”

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Art Trade with Cryena :)

This is their character’s info:

He looked like a happy character, but I thought I’d make a somber image instead because everyone has down days, right?

If you’d like to do an art trade with me send me a message, thanks!


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"Hope Springs Eternal"
Amur Leopard… the rarest big cat currently living on earth. They are critically endangered, with less than 40 thought to exist in the wild. Hope is waning, but there is still a chance for these beautiful cats. Hope springs eternal.

If this painting sells, I plan to donate a portion of the sale price to AMUR / ALTA to help even a small amount with the conservation efforts
If you can’t donate, don’t despair. It is hard to afford it, I understand. Even just raising awareness helps endangered species. The more people that care, or even are aware, the better the chance something can be done.

8” x 10” Acrylic on board.

A very special thanks goes out to Wade Tregaskis, who kindly gave permission for me to use his photo as an inspiration/reference for this painting.
Many thanks to him.

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