"Welcome to "The World."

Oh my God.

OMG -begins having panic attack-


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This mean mothertrucker is ready to ice some jokers!

Wow, haven’t used this platform in a while oO

Check out the high rez version+ download on my dA page ( ) =]

Edit1: Lol, 80+ notes just after a few hours? Wtf kind of magic is this?! °D°

Edit2: One good night’s sleep and 300+ notes later… you guys are insane xD

Also, now that yogscastsjin is done and my first sketches of yogscastsips got the approval of zeh Gf, I’m looking forward to paint something more grimy! :D

Cosplay Progress #2

I have more finished on the dress, I’m doing scallops all the way up the dress that I made myself. 

It’s super soft, but really warm. Idk how I will survive :P



My cat, Ramsey, went missing on june 2nd. If you live in the orange county/inland empire, California area, specifically Riverside County, and think you may have seen him, please email me at If you don’t live in the area, please signal boost this. Please help me find my cat, I’m very worried.

Cosplay Progress 1

Hey everyone, I thought I’d share a little of what I have done on my cosplay.

In case you didn’t know I’m going to Anime Expo in July so my deadline is really tight and I haven’t done much (yikes!)
I’m cosplaying as Baabara from animal crossing because I think she’s really cute and for whatever reason I like the snobby characters, they have some of the funniest comments. 


I bought some cheap shoes and glued foam on them to make hooves:

The foaming is done, now I have to put fabric on them and they’re done, but I’m going to sleep on it in case I didn’t see something that needs fixing:

I’m also making the dress, I got a pattern for a dress that will look cute on me and cut out the pattern. I’ll post pictures of more progress tomorrow :)

If you have no interest in my cosplay please use the tag
#Madkazer Cosplay 
On your blacklist

would you guys like to see progress pictures of my cosplay?

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Anime Expo

It’s finally summer time and I can’t wait to work on my cosplay. I wish I had the time to work on it all year like most cosplayers. But let’s see what I can do in a month!

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If it’s both terrifying and amazing then you should definitely pursue it.

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Natural Eye Color Chart


… I think.

Um, somewhere between D40 and D60


Damn you beautiful blue-green eyed people.
T30 plain, boring, and full of shit.

A20, but look at all the beautiful differences in eye color <3

I created a Game of Thrones Ascent character for the facebook game because I was tired of always looking like half the other females on that game lol.

It’s something I do between homework.